H22 Helmet


For industrial welding and grinding applications

Perform in the most demanding environments

Optical class 1/1/1/2

With grinding function

Magnify /Cheat Lens capable

New headgear features unsurpassed fit and durability

H22-500G H22-600G H22-610G H22-616G
IMG_8378.JPG H22-718G.JPG IMG_8373.JPG
500G.jpg 600G.jpg 610G.jpg 616G.jpg
OpticalClass 1/1/1/2
Filter Size 110x90mm(4.33x3.54")
Viewing Area 96x39mm(3.78x1.54") 100x41mm(3.94x1.61") 100x45mm(3.94x1.77")
Arc Sensor 2 2 4
Light State 4 4
Dark State Variable Shade 9-13
Shade Control External
Power On/Off Fully automatic
Sensitivity Control Low-High,Internal Stepless
Switching Time 1/30,000s
Delay Time 0.1-1s, Internal Stepless
Grind External
Low Battery Indicator   Yes
Power Supply Solar cell with lithium battery Solarcell with replaceable lithium battery
UV/IR Protection Up to shade 16
Operating Temp. -10°C~+55°C(14°F~131°F)
Storing Temp. -20°C~+70°C(-4°F~158°F)

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