D Helmet


Classical design, comfortable and convenient to use

High quality LCD and multilayer optical interference filter

Optical class 1/1/1/2

With grinding function

High performance price ratio

D9235AG D9242BG D9242NG D9242G D1050G
Type D.jpg White Flame.jpg D-blue line.jpg D-blue arrows.jpg
9235AG.jpg 9242BG.jpg 9242NG.jpg 9242G.jpg 1050G.jpg
Optical Class 1/1/1/2 1/1/1/2 1/1/1/2
Filter Size 110x90mm(4.33x3.54") 110x90mm(4.33x3.54") 110x90mm(4.33x3.54")
Viewing Area 92x35mm(3.62x1.38") 92x42mm(3.62x1.65") 92x42mm(3.62x1.65") 100x50mm(3.94x1.97")
Arc Sensor 2 2 2
Light State 4 4 4
Dark State Variable Shade 9-13 Variable Shade 9-13 Variable Shade 9-13
Shade Control External Internal External
Power On/Off Fully automatic Fully automatic
Sensitivity Control Low-High,Internal
L/M/H,Internal Switch Low-High,Internal Stepless
Switching Time 1/25,000s 1/25,000s
Delay Time 0.2-0.8s,Internal
0.2-0.8s,Internal Stepless
Grind External Internal External
Low Battery Indicator Yes  
TEST   Yes    
Power Supply Solar cell with
AAA battery
Solar cell with
lithium battery
Solar cell with
replaceable lithium
Solar cell with lithium battery
UV/IR Protection Up to shade 16
Operating Temp. -10°C~+55°C(14°F~131°F)
Storing Temp. -20°C~+70°C(-4°F~158°F)

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